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Spring Fling

The Panda Spring Fling ...

Feeling i needed a new small wave grovel board that is totally rippable and not fishy i took what was the old friendly salmon model, cross bred it with a couple other shapes and here we have The Spring Fling.

The Spring Fling has a more refined look in the outline and rails than the friendly salmon whilst still keeping all that foam hidden in there. I have kept the same entry rocker but lowered the tail and changed up the bottom contour running a single, double to subtle concave vee out the tail. The result a board that is really fast off the mark, easily glides over fat sections yet will perform when a section presents itself. available in either round, rounded square or swallow tails.

Turn around is currently 16-20 weeks. If you are ordering a board with a resin tint or spray expect a 20 week wait. Clear boards will be faster.