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The Shiitake and the twinzer

A brief history of the forgotten four fin layout. The Twinzer Fin Layout features an additional set of smaller, side bite type fins in front and closer to the rail then the regular twins. The Twinzer was invented in the 80s by Wil Jobson in Southern California, refined in the early 90s by a string of reputable shapers and forgotten soon after. It all started in 1988 when Jobson shaped one of his new designs for Martin "Pottz" Potter and he loved it. During this time Pottz was very successful on twinnies and in 1989 with a Twinzer added to his quiver he went on to dominate the world tour with six competition wins and the World Title. During this time Jobson travelled his design to shaper Rusty Priesendorfer who was blown away at the difference in feel from a conventional twin fin. As a result Rusty went on to pay royalties to Jobson and make quite a few Twinzer designs, eventually applying the extra side fins to a thruster set up in a model named the "C-5". Today you can find the Twinzer on very few surfboards, but one you can definitely find it on is the Panda Surfboards - Shiitake. Tune in to the clip below as Blake Peters from Panda Surfboards explains his froth on the forgotten but magic design.

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