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Stab In The Dark With Taj Burrow

SITD... With Taj Burrow

It's finally upon us, as usual im anxious as hell waiting to see if my childhood hero digs it or ditches it. This is the 2nd time i've been asked to submit a board for stab in the dark contest pitting me up against the worlds best. I'm the youngest shaper in this contest and easily 20 years younger than some of the master shapers involved, so ill take what i can get. Im just pumped to be involved.

This is the lineup just revealed by Stab.

Pukas, Timmy Patterson, LSD, Chilli, CI, HS, Chem, Pyzel, SMTH, Lost, Sharp eye, Dan mann.

With 2 of the big names pulling out i look at that as an opportunity. Wish us luck.

Premiers this thursday 21st Jan.

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